Why to buy CELPO products?          

Great attention is paid to the production of wholegrain for the selection of the most suitable and highest quality raw materials for production. Opinions about healthy nutrition have been different from the past in present. The definition of a healthy diet can be simplified as a nutrition that benefits people all the time.

Therefore, the company focuses on the production of wholegrains, especially because of their great importance in healthy rational nutrition, which today is not only a trendy, but also a very necessary component of nutrition for the wide consumer community and plays a big role in strengthening the health of all of us.

The basic raw material is premium wheat, rye and rice with a minimum content of chemical substances in planting, which is suitable for reducing diets and total cleansing of the intestinal tract. In addition to regular consumers, rice is also intended for people with a special disease - celiac disease.

The pure raw material or its suitable combinations are processed into wholegrain wholegrain sandwiches which can be flavored with cocoa, yoghurt, caramel or strawberry flavor or flavored with salt.

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